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reliable furniture for dining areas - SWS Group
reliable furniture for lobbies - SWS Group
reliable furniture for dining areas - SWS Group


Affinity. A natural liking for, or attraction to a person, idea, or thing. That thing from Norix is a chair, but not just any chair. Affinity represents the great length Norix engineers have gone to create a chair that blends attractive form, comfort, versatility, and reliability.

Affinity combines a metallic silver frame with hundreds of seat and back options. Available with or without arms, and optional upholstered or wood back, the chair makes a great companion to the broad assortment of Norix tables. Contrasting fabrics are available for an even more dynamic look. The elegant appearance of Affinity lends itself extremely well to lobbies, meeting spaces, and dining areas. Affinity embodies the assumed quality that separates Norix from other furniture providers.