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Education Products Hygiene Sanitation Minion Electrostatic Sprayer
disinfectant spray - sws group
disinfectant spray - sws group


The Minion Electrostatic Sprayer is a powerful, new generation electrostatic handheld sprayer that has a dual function: disinfects the surface and purifiies the surrounding air. 

This technology negatively charges the air that is blown out of the sprayer. The air and the disinfecting solution come out of the sprayer nozzle at the same time. However, the negative ions in the air are attracted to the airborne particles that are positively charged in the surrounding air; these could be dust, pollen, and pathogens of viral, bacterial, or fungal origin, and particle matters less than 2.5 microns (PM2.5). As soon as the negatively charged ions stick to positively charged airborne particles, they neutralize them. Once neutralized, the particles gain weight and start descending to lower surfaces such as table tops, counters or floors. The disinfecting liquid, which accompanies the air, then sits on the surface and effectively kills all the pathogens.

As a result, this technology aims to not only disinfect the surfaces, but also purify the surrounding air.

Please download the user’s manual for operating instructions and product specifications.