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Education Products Sale Bedroom Titan Bunkable Frame Style Bed
heavy duty metal bunk beds - SWS Group


The Titan® Bunkable Frame Style Bed has a steel deck mechanically fastened to steel end frames. The bed is available as a Bunkable Frame Style Bed or Frame Style Bunk. Engineered and proven suitable for continuous use in an institutional environment, such as a university, shelter, and firehouse.

The Titan® Bunkable Frame Style Bed is part of the Titan Series -  a complete line of steel case goods that combines functional versatility with the institutional durability of all-steel construction. Titan products are heavy…and heavy duty. You don’t have to worry that they’ll be invaded by bedbugs, picked apart, or broken through intensive-use. Steel stands the test of time and provides the best value option.

Available Stock: 
Ebony Titan® Bunkable Frame Style Bed with Steel Deck - 1 piece left.

Please call the office for details - 1-877-797-1999.