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Education Products Sale Seating Integra Arm Chair
Integra Arm Chair - Plum
Integra Arm Chair - Black


The Integra Armchair features a unique overlapping arm design which allows effortless interlocking for set-up simplicity. Obviously, they can also be used individually in numerous applications throughout dining areas, waiting rooms, dayrooms, offices, training rooms, auditoriums and health care areas. At 9.7 lbs. each, 15 of these chairs easily stack in just six and a half feet of space. All Integra chairs are molded from high-impact grade copolymer polypropylene with fire retardant additives. They’re also chemically resistant to acetone, alcohol, vinegar, blood, urine, feces and both salt and chlorine solutions, which makes them easy to clean!



  • x 1 Integra Arm Chair - Black
  • x 1 Integra Arm Chair - Plum